2017 June 21

Order from a new client in a new market

We have now received a new order from Germany. This is not a gigantic order but it is exiting in that it is coming from a client on a completely new market segment, which can become significant in the long term. The project is a demonstration plant for reduction of Mercury emissions by injection of various agents into the flue gases from coal fired boilers. Mercury (Hg) has come into focus as the latest IED (Industrial Emission Directive) guidelines for large combustion plant (LCP BREF) has introduced limits for Mercury emissions. The technology that has been used for Mercury control on smaller waste incinerators is expensive, so the introduction of Mercury limits for the larger boiler will now focus the interest on technology that work and is economical on large plants as well. The first phase of this project will take place during Q3 2017 and ECOMB will supply a modified version of Ecotubes for the injection of the agents being tested.